performer & Educator


One of the foremost educators in burlesque,

INGA has 10 years of burlesque instruction experience, as well as an extensive background in ballet, jazz, tap, exotic dance, theater, and physical fitness. A lead instructor at the world-famous Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque, she specializes in helping students level-up their sexual stage craft by focusing on personal style and expression, character work, musicality, and movement nuance. She has helped countless burlesquers not only find clarity and power in the acts she workshopped with them, but discover insight and knowledge that helped them become better performers.

INGA has often said that of all the experiences burlesque has given her, teaching others has been the most rewarding, and the most important--burlesque can change your life!

“The truth of burlesque is that it isn’t actually about costumes, props, or choreography—it’s about shared human experience. The thing the audience cares about most, in the end, is getting to watch and share in your particular experience. And what all artists truly want is to feel seen. So how do you want the audience to ‘see’ you? What do you want them to feel? They’ll remember that long after they forget the color of your costume.” - INGA

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